Our Services

Hyperbaric Medicine Inc. and Dr. Eddie Zant MD provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients with various medical conditions. By using state of the art, Sechrist rigid monoplace chambers, we are able to individualize each patients treatment depth and time period. Each disease process responds best to a certain treatment depth and treatment time. We are able to treat our neurologically challenged and developmentally delayed patients at 1.5 ATA (17ft) on 100% oxygen for 60 minutes of depth pressure. Our wound care patients are treated at 2.0 ATA (33ft) on 100% oxygen for 100 minutes. Our radiation complication patients are treated at 2.4 ATA (45ft) for 110 minutes with 2 five minute safety air breaks. Each disease responds best to its specific hyperbaric oxygen protocol.

We have experience treating Autistic children beginning at age 2. Parents are not required to be in the chamber with their children. We invite all parents and family members to remain at the side of the monoplace chamber during the entire treatment period. The open microphone in the chamber allows us to hear every sound a child makes. There is a microphone on the side of the chamber that allows us direct communication with our patients. We strive to make your hyperbaric experience at our facility a happy one. We are open to suggestions, and we will take the time to discuss issues with you.